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Where spoken word storytelling (as nicely defined in Wikipedia below) is the foremost aspect of the piece, which may, or may not, include incidental effects or musical accompaniment. As always, the one song / one genre tagging policy means that many would-be storytelling records are more appropriately tagged e.g. William Burroughs on a reggae bed would be tagged as Reggae.

The Jukebox Pick (of 332):

 Life In A Scotch Sitting Room, Vol. 2, Ep. 2

 (Ivor Cutler)

 Ivor Cutler

 10 out of 10 “Utterly perfect” Storytelling

 From his album “Velvet Donkey” in 1975, the second of Ivor’s three mid 70’s LP’s for Virgin Records, featuring 12 songs, 11 poems and 8 stories. Following the series that had begun on the preceding years' “Dandruff”, “Velvet Donkey” contained another two episodes from the nostalgically evocative semi-autobiographical works “Life In A Scotch Sitting Room”, a series of monologues based on Cutler’s Depression-era childhood that he would finally complete in 1978. Best of all these pieces is the playfully bizarre “Episode 2”, with it’s amazing tale of how much fun could be had with 3 grains of sand. They, most certainly, don't write 'em like that anymore.

Some favourite artists:

Ivor Cutler, Laurie Anderson, Phyllis King, Ken Nordine, Raymond Hitchcock

The Jukebox pick:


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