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Speedcore justifies its own tag due to the distinctly un-danceable nature of the extreme 300 BPM to 1000BPM productions. The related Techno sub-genres of Gabber and Hardcore are normally assigned the Alternative Dance tag, as they remain danceable.

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 D.L.S. 2009



 7.7 out of 10 “Great” Speedcore

 From the compilation “Aaaaargh” (Digital Vomit DVR-047) released in 2009. Don't know anything about the identity / origin of meep but Discogs suggests that the moniker existed between 2004 and 2012. The Digital Vomit label was an electronic music collective that existed from 2005-2015. All creative decisions and release funding was done by the group at large and not specific individuals. The aim of Digital Vomit was to be completely open and democratic, allowing for all individuals to participate and contribute, and for the "label" to become completely self-sustaining without any real financial risk or burden for anyone. Although the concept sounds very hippy-ish, most of the DigiVom members were said to be degenerate misanthropes!!!

Some favourite artists:

meep, Shitmat, Maxipad, Raw Gash

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