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I define a piece as a Sketch where an acted-out scenario is the primary focus, and music, if there is any at all, is incidental. Sketches may, or may not, be comedic (the Wikipedia tag of “Comedy Sketch” at least covers part of the definition). A Skit, largely an American term, is commonly found on Hip-Hop albums, and can be a shortened sketch or a short burst of effects or movie clips or a combination of all these things.

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 The Vidiot

 (Ken Nordine, Fred Katz, Harold Gaylor, John Pisano, Red Holt, Richard Marx)

 Ken Nordine and The Fred Katz Group

 9.2 out of 10 “Classic” Sketch / Skit

 From his album “Word Jazz” in 1957. This superb sketch, semi ad-lib, is set in a TV interview situation and is basically a conversation between Jim “The Vidiot”, a guest (who comes across like a patient) who's addicted to TV, and the less-than-understanding interviewer (who comes across like a therapist), played by Ken Nordine, who picks away at the poor man. The sketch hasn't aged a bit; the victims and the celebrities may be different, but the addiction is deeper and more widespread than ever before. Step away from the smartphone!

Some favourite artists:

Ken Nordine, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Dr. Octagon, Eminem

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