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633 “Pad Yoga Raga” by Red Axes
8·4 “Fantastic Alternative Dance from Israel”
Opening track on their album “Trips #3: India” released in September, 2020.
– The work of cult Tel Aviv duo, Niv Arzi and Dori Sadovnik, operating in the field of experimental alternative club music. In their trips series, they've been literally been seeking out collaborations in countries visited, India being just one of the latest. This hypnotic beauty revels in the ancient tales of Tanseen, an extraordinary ancient vocalist from several centuries back, regarded by many as the father of Indian classical music. Amongst his hundreds of compositions he invented the night raga 'Darbari Kanhra', morning raga 'Mian Ki Todi', mid-day raga, 'Mian ki Sarang' and seasonal raga 'Mian ki Malhar'. Some of the legend is too fantastical to be taken seriously, but that's not important. The folks here are inspired and this piece is a sensory delight.
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