Bootstrap Example
634 “Johnny K” by Seamus Fogarty
8·8 “Excellent Alternative Folk from Ireland”
First out as a single in September, 2020, and included on his album “A Bag Of Eyes” a couple of months later.
– 10 years on from his debut EP, the Mayo-born London-based folk-with-a-twist artist has delivered a cracker here, pulling off the marvellous trick of being at once complex and catchy. Of his self-produced third album he reveals that he was “experimenting with new ways of incorporating electronics into the songwriting process”. Director Jack Barraclough details the concept behind the video: “The idea for Johnny K was inspired by a picture of David Cameron relaxing in his £25,000 garden shed. Seamus was looking to steer away from a video set in an Irish pub, and how much further from an Irish folk singer can you get than an English aristocrat? So Johnny K became Jonathan Kingsley and the rest is history! At first, what you see in the video isn’t really matching up with the lyrics, but as Jonathan Kingsley’s world gets turned upside down, the themes of the song and lyrics start to make a lot more sense with the visuals.
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