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632 “Scratch Card Lanyard” by Dry Cleaning
8·5 “Excellent Indie from England”
A single in November, 2020.
– As anyone paying attention knows, I'm a sucker for the spoken word and music combo in all the various forms and genres, and this highly engaging quartet have been doing it for me for the last year and a half. They are: Tom Dowse (guitars), Lewis Maynard (bass), Nick Buxton (drums) and Florence Shaw, the jewel in the crown, who reads and writes biting lyrical snips. Quietus tells a little of the remarkable backstory: “Florence Shaw, a visual artist, drawing lecturer and picture researcher, was recruited by Dowse, who she knew from art school. She had no prior experience in music, other than two years’ worth of piano as a child, but had incorporated the written word into her art. In a pub, after a friend’s exhibition, Dowse played Shaw some phone recordings of what he, Buxton and Maynard had been working on in the garage.” If you like this, get digging in; Dry Cleaning are addictive, endearing and well worth your time.
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