Bootstrap Example
631 “Zeta Potential” by Mugstar
8·7 “Excellent Alternative Rock from England”
From their album “Graft” released in October, 2020.
– Amazing to think that it's nearly 17 years since their first Peel session, good grief. That they were from Liverpool and masters of their Space Rock art was a double whammy; Peelie stuck with them all the way, and they were booked in 2004, the gaffer's final year. Can't say I've been following them all the way like Peelie, but maybe I should be. From the presser: “After experimenting with longer form compositions on 2016’s Magnetic Seasons, Graft‘s six-song journey sees Mugstar return to a more focused work ethic, a move resulting in a sound that is fraught with tension drama whilst still finding plenty of room to improvise and allow for creative exploration.”
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