Bootstrap Example
609 “Comin' Over Here” by Asian Dub Foundation featuring Stewart Lee
8·2 “Fantastic Dubbeat from England”
From their album “Access Denied” released in September, 2020. Released as a single in December, 2020.
– The best 99p or (1 Euro) you could spend this year. I'm in. OK everyone here's the plan... We are aiming to get the anti-racism anthem COMIN' OVER HER to the top of the UK chart on the exact day the United Kingdom withdrawal agreement ceases... will you help? To do this we need to sell as many downloads of the track as possible between these dates: 00:01 on Christmas Day (25th December) to 23:59 on New Years Eve (31st December). If all goes to plan we could have an anti-racism and anti-bigotry anthem at #1, showing the rest of Europe and even the World who we really are as a nation. Buying a download counts around 100 times more on the chart than streaming the song, so do spare a 99p. It's a good cause too, ALL of the band's profits will be donated to the KENT REFUGEE ACTION NETWORK (KRAN).
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