Bootstrap Example
630 “Ba Ndeko Ya Basi” by Didjak Munya
8·7 “Excellent Africana from the D.R. Congo”
A digital single in June, 2019.
– There's nothing quite like the sweet sound of the Congolesian soukous to hotwire the utmost joy into the soul, and this little beauty certainly hits the spot. I don't much about Didjak, but writing about his “Oxygène” album in 2013, his Akwaaba Music label wrote: “In a country where life is hard and music is joyful, Didjak is not afraid to deal with serious issues in his raps. Much like the musicality on the album, his lyrics show versatility, ranging from diasporan identity issues to how Congolese culture is shaken up by urban living in Kinshasa. Didjak is an important voice for the DR Congo today, a country with decades of history as the most influential music hot spot in the entire continent.
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