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605 “Dybbuk” by Yotam Avni
8·3 “Fantastic Alternative Dance from Israel”
From his EP “Perlude To Dybbuk” in January, 2018.
– Love it! I'll let the label do the talking: Perlude to Dybbuk makes references – both in title and in sonic content – to the ancient Hebrew folklore of his homeland (a “dybbuk” being a kind of limbonic spirit attaching itself to the body of a living human until it has successfully reached its final destination). However, the atmospheric, rather than overt, use of these references gives this record a level of dignity and quality as well as a premonitory feeling that hovers over the proceedings. “Dybbuk” situates listeners in brutal modernity, with the first sounds heard being something like insistently slicing helicopter blades. Avni merely uses this as the foundation, though, for a genuinely unique construction whose shamanic beats, throttled horn and undertow of frenzied electronics combine to give the feeling of being menaced and eventually overtaken by a spirit entity. This piece shows just what Avni is capable when operating in a more aggressive, ‘post-industrial’ mode, and the result stands up with some of the best exponents of that genre.
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