Bootstrap Example
623 “Bi De Sen Söyle” by Dirtmusic featuring Brenna Mac Crimmon
8·7 “Excellent Dubbeat from Slovenia”
From their album “Bu Bir Ruya” released in January, 2018.
– A gripping collaboration and no mistake; Slovenia, the USA, Canada, Australia and Turkey all in the melting pot. Bandcamp: Dirtmusic return for their fifth album, a full-scale collaboration with Turkish-psych visionary Murat Ertel from Baba Zula. Recorded in Istanbul, the album navigates hypnotic rhythms, cinematic atmospheres and dark political realities. The opening track, ‘Bi De Sen Söyle’, is a statement of intent, musically and lyrically: shared vocals that mass in urgent call-and-response, the psychedelic grip of Ertel’s saz, which barely leaves the record for a second, and percussion from Ümit Adakale that tells us that this is music for clubs and parties as much as for private spaces.
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