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540 “Muyé” by Rampa, Adam Port and &ME
8·5 “Excellent Club from Germany”
From their album “You Are Safe” released in November, 2017.
– From Berlin, sheer class any day of the week, but especially blissful on this black coffee Sunday morning. Love everything here; the simple piano lines are just so, and the African vocal touches are alive to the world.
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539 “England” by The Wedding Present
8·5 “Excellent Dream Pop / Shoegaze from England”
From their “Home Internationals” EP released in May, 2017.
– It was a close run affair, but **grits teeth** England win the Home Internationals EP, closely followed by Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland taking the wooden spoon.
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538 “There Will Come A Time” by Orbital featuring Professor Brian Cox
8·3 “Fantastic Electronica from England”
From their album “Monsters Exist” released in September, 2018.
– A hugely engaging piece, chock-full of cosmic wonder; “We must understand that life is precious and fleeting. In doing so we will come to recognize the true value of ourselves, our fellow humans and our civilization.” ~ Brian Cox
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537 “La Choucroute Et Prete” by La Souterraine
8·5 “Excellent Tripbeat from France”
From the digital compilation album “Qui Sont Les Coupables A La Maison De La Poesie” released in January, 2019.
– Not quite sure who the actual artist is, but it's excellent work, seemingly from one of the so-called Tarnac 9. “The sauerkraut is ready” according to google translate...
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536 “Snapchat” by Sir Robert Orange Peel
8·2 “Fantastic Alternative Dance from England”
Title track to his album released in March, 2018.
– He's like a one-man Public Service Broadcasting without the airplay; prolific and entertaining all the way. Best played back-to-back with Nordine's “Vidiot” in your mixtape.
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535 “Backstage Passes!” by Shit and Shine
9·0 “Classic Alternative Dance from England”
From their album “Bad Vibes ” released in November, 2018.
– Day 3 of spoken word week; moving on from yesterday's stunning poeticism, here's a first class example of the cut-up and stitch technique, audibly & visually.
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534 “Repetition” by Max Cooper featuring James Yorkston
9·2 “Classic Electronica from Northern Ireland / Scotland”
A digital single release in September, 2019.
– After yesterday, I'm bringing forward some music / spoken word pieces. Firstly, an exquisite collaboration between a Belfastian and a Fifer, immersive in every way.
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533 “The Awakening” by The Rusty Nutz
8·0 “Fantastic Dream Pop / Shoegaze from Wales”
From their mini-album “My Old Haunts Are Haunting Me” released in March, 2020.
– Any Swansea connections able to confirm the mysterious disappearance of all these pubs and buildings? Affable nutters, but a sad lament for the times 'neath the surface.
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532 “Medicated Goo” by P.P. Arnold
8·3 “Fantastic Soul from the USA”
Recorded in 1970, but unreleased 'til “The Turning Tide” album in October, 2017.
– Never ceases to amaze me just how many fantastic cuts never see the light of day, until way past when. Quality ingredients all the way here, recorded in 1970, finally out 47 years later!
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531 “The Roses Of Eyam” by Beau
8·5 “Excellent Folk from England”
Recorded in February 1975, and first issued on his (38-years-delayed!) album “Twelve Strings To The Beau” (The Sound Of Salvation SOUND-001) in 2013. (In the interim, a different version of the song was recorded in 2000 and first released in 2007 as a bonus track on the reissue of his “Beau” LP).
– Just terrific. '75 recording gets a new lease of life via Cold Spring. You think you've got the lockdown blues? Listen to this and read about the incredible folks of Eyam .
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530 “These Are The Bastards” by The Commoners Choir
9·2 “Classic Folk from England”
Exclusively streamable via YouTube from May, 2020.
– Top notch a capella was a bit of a Chumbawamba trademark; no surprise to learn that Boff Whalley is the main songwriter for this harmonious collective. Catchy!
529 “Money” by Deli Girls
9·2 “Classic Post-Punk from the USA”
From their album “I Don't Know How to Be Happy” released in February, 2019.
– Brooklyn duo pushing on from the punk, no-wave & hip-hop conduit of their New York heritage. The most striking female vocal since PJ barked out “Pig Will Not”.
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528 “I Don't Belong” by Fontaines D.C.
9·8 “All-time classic Moodcore from Ireland”
B-side to “A Hero's Death” in June, 2020, and included on the album of the same name a month later.
– And today, Ireland's finest. I just love how these hang; such an understated but nevertheless real emotional intensity. Latest album's another must have.
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527 “Demands” by Makthaverskan
8·8 “Excellent Indie from Sweden”
Single released in January, 2019.
– Hark the soar-away sound of Sweden's finest. Responsible for my album of the year back in 2013, and they're on fire with this single cut from last year. Altered Images on speed.
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526 “Do U” by Languid Oceans
8·5 “Excellent Hip Hop / Rap from England”
From their album “Languid Oceans” released in February, 2020.
– Sunday Chillin', UK collaboration featuring horizontal rappers Obijuan & Looms, with DylanTheInfamous on the drumless backing. Never heard of him. Video shot in the Alicante sun.
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525 “Ah Bah D'accord” by Juniore
8·6 “Excellent Indie from France”
AA-side with “ En Solitaire” released in June, 2019.
– Bonjour mes amis, one for your Saturday night mixtape...
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524 “Bitter Babes” by MeanGirls
8·9 “Excellent Punk from the USA”
From their album “Is This Me Forever?” released in June, 2018.
– As any Jukebox Rebel knows, all the best gigs are held in toilets. Austin's MeanGirls ken the score...
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523 “Touts (Leith)” by Rooney
9·0 “Classic Indie from England”
Recorded 30-May-1999, first broadcast on 13-Oct-1999. Released on "This Job's Forever - The Peel Session" EP in January, 2020.
– '99 cult fave reissued. This English invasion of the Barrowlands was a very real, and very strange, phenomenon back in the day. Helped my wee gig gang more than once, so fair play to them.
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522 “Everywhere That Wog Army Roam” by Cornershop
9·3 “Classic Cerebral Pop from England”
From their album “England Is A Garden” released in March, 2020.
– By George, they've still got it, what what? Those Jamaican harmonies are pucker. Nearly spat my morning coffee out at the 'copter chasing the carpet. Meanwhile on the ground, you must guard against that chequered van, they'll kick you around as if you are a fanta can or a rasta man. Ooft.
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521 “Aadesh Aadesh” by Brijraj Gadhvi featuring Aishwarya Joshi
9·7 “All-time classic Desi from India”
Exclusively streamable via YouTube from September, 2019.
– A mystical spectacular in song and dance for you this morning, came out this time last year. The ancient meets the modern to awesome effect.
520 “ZMBA” by HEXN
8·5 “Excellent Electronica from Italy”
From the compilation “V​.​Ʌ. 2020 ” released in January, 2020.
– Loving this groove-drone with middle-eastern undertones, certainly one of the best electronica tracks I've heard this year, the fine work of London-based Italian, Alberto Brunello.
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519 “Pigeons” by Bill Callahan
10 “Utterly perfect Moodcore from the USA”
First out as a single in June, 2020, then included on his album “Gold Record” a couple of months later.
– Sunday morning vibing; Bill's new album's superb, this opener comes with a tip o' the hat to Cash & Cohen c/w shades of his own classic 'Feather By Feather'. His deftness of touch is peerless, lyrical and musical motifs alike.
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518 “Steppa” by Buju Banton
9·6 “All-time classic Reggae from Jamaica”
Single release in July, 2019.
– Any steps to curb or simmer down the violence are welcome. Hands down, Reggae song of 2019, and one of the very best of the decade.
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517 “Taxi” by Arborist
9·4 “Classic Storytelling from Northern Ireland”
First out as a single in November, 2019.
– Ah, the old song as book technique, an exceedingly fine art. One of the ultimate works of 2019 I think, with a great video too.
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516 “Neon Wasp” by Sweet Benfica
8·7 “Excellent Alternative Rock from Wales”
From their album “Every Colour Of The Dark” released in May, 2020.
– Very much enjoying this slacker-Placebo-like dense drama from the James brothers (Calum and Stefan) who hail from the Neath area of South Wales. Iechyd da lads!
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515 “Roll The Dice” by Shy FX featuring Stamina MC and Lily Allen
8·8 “Excellent Drum n Bass from England”
Single release in November, 2018.
– This strange ol' mix-up, released late in 2018, is all shades of excellent, especially if you give that bass knob some.
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514 “Counter” by Kew
8·8 “Excellent Indie from the USA”
From their second EP, “Typical Me”, released in May, 2017.
– Alas, this Brooklyn 4-piece are no more; nonetheless this is rip-roaring stuff from their fab second EP, “Typical Me”, released in May, 2017.
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513 “Hungry Baby” by Kim Gordon
9·2 “Classic Post-Punk from the USA”
From her album “No Home Record” released in October, 2019.
– With sexism yet rife in the music industry, the song is written from the point of view of a lecherous male musician. Musically, Stooges’ 1969 meets The Normal’s Warm Leatherette on an incessant groove, the locked rhythm section allowing a somewhat chaotic underbelly to run wild, as the star of the show delivers her trademark breathy vocal, requiring no scaling of octaves to create dramatic effect, but not afraid to do so all the same as the tension rises. It’s a wonderful performance all round.
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512 “Full Of Surprises” by The Hempolics
8·5 “Excellent Reggae from England”
Single release in December, 2019. From their forthcoming second album ‘Kiss, Cuddle & Torture: Volume 2’, scheduled for April, 2020.
– Main man Grippa describes this one as a “dark, winter Portishead trip-hop meets dub track but with Nubiya’s pop vocals” and remarked that “we used synth bass instead of live bass to create an even darker, dirty sound. Bass leads the way on the track.” I’d concur with that; it’s a phat, wobbly and woozy affair, with a certain darkness which puts me in mind of ‘Ghost Town’ as does the video itself, filmed as it is with the group in a car in London, and a prevailing sense of eeriness. As a taster this has done a job on me; I’m very much looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. Calendar duly marked.
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511 “Not Another Word” by Protoje, Lila Iké and Agent Sasco
8·5 “Excellent Reggae from Jamaica”
A single release in April, 2019.
– The roots reggae revival continues in Jamaica and I’m delighted to be receiving the signals. Joining Protoje is rising star Lila Iké (good soul and beautiful singer, check out her fantastic 2019 single “Where I’m Coming From”) and the powerful Agent Sasco, who’s been putting out great tracks for some 20 years now. He emerges with the tunes killer-line: “If yuh don’t know there’s a battle, then you’ve already surrendered” pow pow pow! It’s all part of a clear message; you can’t go blaming the government for everything, taking personal responsibility for your actions is going to be key in fixing much of societal boderation.
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