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Can pool from a wide array of straight genres such as folk, rock or pop; I'll tag it as psychedelia when swirly or woozy motifs are to the fore, and the effect simulates or enhances the taking of mind-altering substances or the viewing of mind-altering visuals.

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 (Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, John Densmore)

 The Doors

 10 out of 10 “Utterly perfect” Psychedelia

 From their album “L.A. Woman” in 1971. Mr Mojo Risin and his boys, bristling with tensions between them, had sparks flying left, right and centre in 1971 but, for me, they emerged with their greatest set – and that was no mean feat after the dynamism of their previous output. That said, the albums greatest track - “L’America” - was recorded (and rejected) for the soundtrack to Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1970 psychedelic drama, “Zabriskie Point” more than a year before the L.A. Woman sessions began. The Italian auteur visited the band in the recording studio, but their intensity was too much for him, as Ray Manzarek explained: “We played it for him, and it was so loud, it pinned him up against the wall. When it was over, he thanked us and fled!” Michelangelo's loss was L.A. Woman's gain and it opened side 2 of the LP, the dark-light adventurism of the highly unique song encapsulating all that is great about the Doors, with tension-release tricks to the fore. Manzarek's keyboards are especially excellent, painting in many off-tone shades. “I took a trip down to L'America, To trade some beads for a pint of gold” Rip-off the Latin Americas, yeah! All is not rosy for the Latino immigrants: “Friendly strangers came to town, All the people put them down.” Whichever way you look at it, this song sounds like a bad-trip. These cats were wild!

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The Beatles, The Doors, The Seeds, The Black Angels

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