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The traditional and cultural music of the Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia sub-regions.

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 Genoa Keawe

 9.3 out of 10 “Classic” Pacific

 From her album “Party Hulas” (Hula Records HS-507) released in 1965. ‘Aunty’ Genoa Keawe (1918-2008) was a legendary performer beloved in Hawaii, who was gigging to the very end of her life, even when she was wheelchair bound at the age of 89! She played guitar and banjo and her trademark was to sing with a falsetto technique, incorporating unique yodeling, often holding high notes for a minute or more. So smitten was I with her smile, her story (everyone in Hawaii called her Aunty), her voice and her music that I just had to buy the full album, all of which is terrific. As regards the featured song, the album’s liner notes reveal that it’s a traditional piece and explain a little about the meaning: “You might call this ‘you gotta see mama every night or you don’t see mama at all’… Hawaiian style! The name Ahulili means ‘plenty jealous’.

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Genoa Keawe

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