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For pieces which are primarily rooted in the traditional indigenous styles of North, Central or South America, excepting instances where there's a primary genre already established such as Caribbean, Pacific (e.g Hawaiin music), Latin, Hip Hop / Rap etc.

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 (Tanya Tagaq)

 Tanya Tagaq

 10 out of 10 “Utterly perfect” Native Americas

 As Yoko Ono and Björk did before her, Tanya Tagaq enjoys extremism in her music, and can be politically charged, especially with burning issues close to her Inuit origins such as climate change and Indigenous rights. Canada's cultural and physical genocide shame and her shameful Residential School History burn particularly deeply. Let's get these issues out in the open, dealth with, let's build bridges and let's move on she says, not unreasonably. “Retribution” is the title-track on her 2016 album, where she's joined by her core two of violinist Jesse Zubot and percussionist Jean Martin. The original and memorable music video features Greenlandic performance artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory alongside Tanya. The message is clear - Mother nature's been raped and pillaged, it's a fool's gold and she will have her revenge. I wouldn't argue with Tanya. You can feel the force of nature in this performance - it's a work of art.

Some favourite artists:

Incantation, Tanya Tagaq

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