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I used to have two separate genre tags Slowcore (slow but not necessarily moody) and Moody Chops (moody but necessarily slow) but joined them together as Moodcore in 2018. I'd say it's where the moody tone dominates over any specific genre, usually, but not necessarily in slow-paced music. My unique genre term incorporates what some people label as Sadcore or Slowcore (see Wiki entries below) as well as non-indie derivates, Tindersticks being a good example. As always, the one song / one genre tagging policy means that some moody songs are lost to more appropriate categories, Portishead to Tripbeat being the clearest example of this.

The Jukebox Pick (of 2,092):

 Drunk Tank

 (Stuart Staples, David Boulter, Neil Fraser, Dickon Hinchliffe, Mark Colwill, Alistair Macaulay)


 10 out of 10 “Utterly perfect” Moodcore

 Tindersticks sprawling self-titled debut dared to go where the (so-called) great American songbook would not; this was the devil's cabaret, an unholy Cohen-Bad-Seeds-like alliance, pulsing in the wee small hours on a rainy night in Soho. Relaying the drama were: Stuart Staples (vocals, guitar), David Boulter (keyboards), Neil Fraser (guitar), Dickon Hinchliffe (violin), Mark Colwill (bass guitar) and Alistair Macaulay (drums, vibraphone). In “Drunk Tank”, the rapidly-sobering wife-beater is a tortured soul: “No more fists on the end of my arms just these hands, trembling, Think of me it never goes away, think of me the way I used to be, I know I said we'd better get home to bed, And I was the one I always stayed out so late, Always forgiving my inconsideration, it's a different story, When you can never go home again, I'm home, home again.” Reflecting the inner torment, the group deliver a gut-wrenching lament with no mercy. It's sheer devastation from the Nottingham six. Stick that in your great songbook.

Some favourite artists:

Lisa Germano, Low, Tindersticks, Joy Divison, Spiritualized

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