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Incorporating all direct forms of jazz and most of it's sub-genres. As always, some songs with jazz flourishes may be tagged in a more appropriate genre if deemed necessary, e.g. Big Band / Jive / Swing or Blues / Rhythm n Blues.

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 (Ken Nordine, Dick Campbell)

 Ken Nordine

 10 out of 10 “Utterly perfect” Jazz

 From his LP “Colorsː A Sensuous Listening Experience”, released in 1966. Sometime in 1965, the smoothest, most suave, most soothing voice in all of recorded history was commissioned to script and record a series of commercials for paint; I for one am not surprised to hear that those commercials had people phoning up stations requesting for them to be aired again. When did you ever hear that about an advert? That’s the Nordine effect for you. Although most of the 90 second pieces were surrealistic adventures through the vivid imagination of Ken’s brilliant mind, one or three proffered some insightful social commentary; and one piece in particular served up Ken's finest hour... on every level. You and I both know that the proper colour for “Flesh” to be is the colour it is ; – )

Some favourite artists:

Ken Nordine, Tom Waits, Cab Calloway

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