Bootstrap Example
616 “Carnage Bargain” by The Paranoyds
9·0 “Classic Proto-Punk from the USA”
Title track to their album in September, 2019.
– Los Angeles quartet chanelling all the coolest traits of 90s indie rock, this 'un coming on like a pop Breeders. “Ever since he's been crowned, all I see is Orange clowns”. Don't worry Paranoyds, the nightmare is all but over. I've still to unpack this album (like so many others, groan), but on first impressions I'm loving the campaign to bring back off-kilter Manzarek-isms to alt-pop. Check them out mates...
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615 “Sufi Dub pt.2” by Delmighty Sounds
8·4 “Fantastic Reggae from Portugal”
A 12" single release in August, 2019.
– Irie sistible heavyweight dub action from Lisbon with magical eastern delights to help soothe the soul in these troubled times. From what I can gather, this was very popular in their soundsystem gatherings and they were encouraged to press up 500 copies. Nice up the place.
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614 “Vortack [fracture remix]” by Squarepusher
8·5 “Excellent Drum n Bass from England”
A 12" single release in November, 2019.
– The ever-complex Thomas Jenkinson is on fine form right here. Bleep say: Rather than haring out of the blocks, ‘Vortrack’ actually reveals itself rather slowly, unfurling over the course of five-and-a-half minutes. It begins in rather disorientating fashion, a lopsided melange of kicks, hi-hats and acid bass that is pitched somewhere between Syro-era Aphex Twin and the discombobulating releases of Bjarki’s bbbbbb label. Rather than coalescing into a more streamlined groove, the track remains in this jittery holding pattern throughout, becoming increasingly agitated as widescreen reverb and choppy breaks are thrown into the mix. By the four-minute mark the centre can no longer hold and ‘Vortrack’ begins to break apart, eventually collapsing into a droning digital scree. It’s strange, it’s mesmerising, and it’s very distinctly Squarepusher.
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