Bootstrap Example
629 “People Through My Windows Were Stars” by Deathcrash
8·7 “Excellent Moodcore from England”
Lead track on their “People Through My Windows Were Stars” (3 track, 40 mins) album in October, 2020.
– Big rewards for 15 minutes of 'me time' investors. I picked up on this when Jeff Graimger played it on Dandelion Radio in October. I see it made #13 in the official Festive 50, nice. They say: “The new E.P, recorded before and after Lockdown in 2020 is a product of a truly uncertain time, a period when everything we hold so dear fell apart and we were forced to look in the mirror at ourselves and re-evaluate everything we are and how we navigate ourselves responsibly. The length of the new songs flirt in full length territory with a unique fragility that never loses focus, taking sacred deep breaths whilst building to huge epic crescendos using the generosity (when kind) that time can give...”
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628 “I Haven’t Been Through Any Of That” by Emily Brown
9·1 “Classic Alternative Country from the USA”
From her album “A Fish Of Earth” released in October, 2020.
– I'm captivated by the whole eight minutes of this one. There's something about Emily; she just pulls you in. The fragility reminds me of Jason Pierce, himself not immune to leaning on alt-country motifs, outwith his regular genre territories. “Emily Brown is a Californian songwriter and poet. Her impressive vocal range, wandering melodies, and conversational lyrical style have drawn frequent comparisons to Joni Mitchell, Judee Sill, and Fiona Apple.”
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627 “Cold Caller” by Julia Jacklin
8·9 “Excellent Blues Rock / Soul Rock from Australia”
AA-side of her “Eastwick” single in September, 2017.
– Sydney-born Melbourne-based artist, 8 years in the game. I just love the hooky, moody, blues groove on this one, lyrically inspired by her older sister’s pregnancy: “I know people get pregnant all the time but this was different, this was my sister. The one who explained tampons to me, told me what kissing felt like, convinced mum to let me shave my legs, sung ‘Boys of Summer’ a capella at the school talent quest. I went to New Zealand to record this 7 inch and on the first day she went into labor, I was checking my phone every 10 minutes but managed to write the second part of the song. That night I had all these crazy nightmares, where she kept disappearing into the dark and every time I caught up to her she’d slip out of my hands again. Woke up in an absolute state to the news that she had given birth to a healthy baby boy. I went into the studio and recorded this song. So this is for her, my wonderful sister Emma.”
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