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Once again, I'm using a generalised term to cover a diverse range of sub-genres across a region. That said, much of my music from the Caribbean is automatically tagged with a primary genre; Jazz, Latin, Reggae or Ska / Rocksteady. The main sub-genres being given the Caribbean tag would include Calypso, Mento and Soca, which you can read about below.

The Jukebox Pick (of 591):

 Hool-A-Hoop Calypso

 (Owen Emanuel)

 Count Owen and his Calypsonians featuring Euton Gayle and his Banjo

 10 out of 10 “Utterly perfect” Caribbean

 Count Owen (Owen Emanuel pictured c1968) was around 25 when he released this mento 78 in 1959, tuning in to the hula hoop craze that was sweeping around the world at the time. Owen is quick to acknowledge the keep fit aspect, and with a typically Jamaican lust for life he also sees the hoop as a great way to spice up things in the bedroom: “If you find you are gettin' extra fat and do not know what to do, you should try the hoola-hooping, Count Owen is advising you, Jane and John they're really clever, they do the hoola-hoop in the bed, they go back-to-back, belly-to-belly with the hoola-hoop on dem head”. The highly rhythmic banjo player Euton "Lord" Gayle, a recording artist in his own right, accompanied Owen in all of his mento recordings in the 1950s and really helps to make this piece the classic that it is, picking and strumming like a virtuoso.

Some favourite artists:

Blue Glaze Mento Band, Harold Richardson, Lord Composer, Rod Dennis Mento Band, King Short Shirt

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