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I use the term Ambient in what I imagine to be its purest form, as described beautifully in the header section of the Ambient Music page on Wikipedia (see below), although this greatly reduces the number of tracks and therefore strength in depth of the genre tag in my ratings/review endeavour. Rightly or wrongly, due to my tagging policy of one song / one genre, a lot of tracks which contains elements of ambient music end up being overriden by other primary tags such as Alternative Dance, Avant-Garde, Contemporary Classical, Dubbeat, Dreamgaze, Film Score / Incidental, Moodcore or Tripbeat.

The Jukebox Pick (of 259):

 The Crossing (Oohh The Action...)

 (Simon Darlow, Trevor Horn, Steve Lipson, Bruce Woolley)

 Grace Jones

 8.3 out of 10 “Fantastic” Ambient

 From her “Slave To The Rhythm” album released in October, 1985. The set was a curious affair indeed, featuring as it did several radically differing versions of the title track. The ambient approach taken on “The Crossing (Oohh The Action...)” was a standout, with the candid Paul Morley / Grace Jones interview snippets revealing a more human side to Grace's character.

Some favourite artists:

Biosphere, Burial, Eluvium, Brian Eno, Hammock

The Jukebox pick:


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