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This is the tag I give to any tracks which I feel have prominent features of traditional American country music, but have moved one step to the left, away from the mainstream. It could be an alt-rock variant (e.g. The Geraldine Fibbers), an indie variant (e.g. Billy Bragg's “Rotting On Remand”), a twisted touch (e.g. Leonard Cohen's “Diamonds In The Mine”) or even an attitude with the vocals/lyrics (e.g. Janis Joplin's “Mercedes Benz”).

The Jukebox Pick (of 522):

 Get Thee Gone

 (Carla Bozulich)

 The Geraldine Fibbers

 10 out of 10 “Utterly perfect” Alternative Country

 The closing track on their bona-fide masterpiece debut album “Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home” in July, 1995. A couple of different versions of “Get Thee Gone” had appeared in '94, but the album version shades it. The 5-piece were: Carla Bozulich (guitar, vocals), Kevin Fitzgerald (banjo, drums), Jessy Greene (viola, violin), Daniel Keenan (guitar) and William Tutton (bass). I once nearly fainted to this at a festival such was the raw power before me (ok they were on early and I might have been a bit hungover) but the impact from their intoxicating blend of Swans, Jem Finer and Janis Joplin hasn't diluted a bit over the years. Majestic and unique.

Some favourite artists:

The Geraldine Fibbers, Bill Callahan, Mark Lanegan, Neko Case, Iron & Wine

The Jukebox pick:


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